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More Meni Residence and Suites

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More Meni Residence & Suites

More Meni Residence and Suites is a 4-star hotel, centrally situated in Tigaki, just 150 meters away, from the beach.  It offers a wide variety of services and amenities suitable for all ages and preferences. Accommodation with minimal design and spacious rooms, bars, and restaurants, in a friendly environment, offers a Greek beach vacation and an enjoyable stay.

More Meni Residence and Suites stands out for the excellent location, high quality of services, unique design and providing more and more experiences to the loyal and new guests.

Why choose us

The modern elegant design, create a unique atmosphere.
High quality of service and products fulfils all customers’ expectations.
International cuisine & refreshing drinks in a cozy, friendly atmosphere.
Located a few meters away from the center of Tigaki, is accessible for all activities.

Special Offers

Early Booking Discount

We provide a 12% discount upon our official prices for every reservation made until the 31th of December 2023.

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Contemporary comfort
Contact Details
Tigaki, Kos island, 85300, Greece +30 2242068238 [email protected]